60 Seconds With… Abby Mosedale

Abby Mosedale is a research associate at Curtin University in Perth working on PCHSS Research Stream 3.4: Impacts of a Collaborative Research Program on the Realisation of Cost Savings and Efficiencies in Healthcare Settings. Her work centres on a ‘realist’ evaluation of the Western Australia Department of Health’s Research Translation Projects (RTP) program. 

How would you describe your research?

My research for the Partnership Centre focuses on health system sustainability with an emphasis on the complexity of health systems. I also have an interest in research translation and the value of clinician-lead research.

What made you pursue this area of research?

This is part of my PhD research. I have always been interested in research that involves looking across all levels of the system. I think this started when I worked as a registered nurse, which sparked an interest in trying to understand how higher level decision making filters down to frontline workers and patients, and how those decisions evolve as they are exposed to the complexities of the system.

What question do you most often hear at work?

How is your PhD going?…

How does your work contribute to health system sustainability?

We are looking at the process of research translation and how that contributes to the sustainability of a health system. This is about understanding ongoing implementation and sustained interventions, but it also includes looking at other benefits of research translation, such as collaboration and capacity building that may contribute to the sustainability of health systems as a whole.

How has collaborating with PCHSS impacted your research?

The network of people collaborating within the PCHSS offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise which has been extremely accessible and valuable to our research.

What might you be found doing outside work?

I love to cook and bake and I like a challenge in the kitchen. The recent lock down meant that there were a lot of freshly baked treats in the house!

If you could have dinner with anyone (living or dead), who would it be?

Leigh Sale and Annabel Crabb. (Or my 3 year old nephew who also is good chat.)

What was the last great book you read?

Phosphorescence by Julia Baird.

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