Observatory on Health
System Sustainability

The Observatory on Health System Sustainability conducts research on factors that affect the sustainability of health systems nationally and internationally. It generates research on how to make healthcare more cost effective, of higher quality, and more responsive to unforeseen stressors, and it works across stakeholder groups to see that such research is translated into changes in practice. Tackling activities ranging from consumer engagement to the evaluation of health interventions and domains ranging from implementation science to patient safety, the Observatory aims to foster the development of resilient, learning health systems.

Originally known as the Centre Coordination and Research Unit, it was re-branded in recognition of its contributions to PCHSS research. The Observatory continues to support the dissemination of the Research Streams’ findings through marketing, workshops, and webinars; to coordinate engagement with investigators, stakeholders, and funders; and to facilitate the translation of all PCHSS research outcomes. Associate Professor Zurynski is Australia’s first associate professor for health system sustainability and, together with Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, leads the Observatory Team.

Research of the Observatory on Health System Sustainability


International survey of COVID-19 management strategies

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Changes in public perceptions and experiences of the Australian health‐care system: A decade of change

Ellis LA, Pomare C, Gillespie JA, Root J, Ansell J, Holt J, Wells L, Tran Y, Braithwaite J, Zurynski Y. 2020. Health Expectations.


Mapping the learning health system: a scoping review of current evidence

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Reducing surgical waitlist times in Australia

Smith K-L, Meulenbroeks I, Mahmoud Z, Zurynski Y, Clay-Williams R, Hughes C, Long JC, Sarkies M, Ellis LA, Gibbons K, Pomare C, Nguyen HM, Clay C, Braithwaite J.

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