People and Partners


Note: The NHMRC PCHSS was funded from June 2017 to July 2023.

To tackle the topic of health system sustainability an array of the country’s best researchers has
been assembled within the Centre. PCHSS investigators and partners come from all states and
territories and work in many different sectors, including academia, public health and hospitals, private health, health insurance, government, not-for-profit healthcare, and consumer advocacy.

PCHSS Research Lead Investigators are based at seven Australian universities and are world leaders in health system research. Each investigator leads a Research Stream focused on investigating and implementing change in the health system in conjunction with health consumers, health professionals, policy makers, and other stakeholders. Examples of the Research Streams are on our Research page.

In addition, the Centre has assembled a range of System Lead Investigators to work with the research program and to test promising interventions to ensure they are implementable and scalable in practice. Some System Partners are involved with facilitating evidence collection, pilot testing, implementation, and behaviour/system change; some simply provide advice and support; and others are directly involved in applying the research in practice. The participation of System Partners is critical to the successful translation of research activities into health system reform.

Creating sustainable change within the healthcare system requires the input of a range of expert advisers from the system. The Centre’s funding partners – NSW Health, Bupa Foundation, the Western Australia Department of Health, and the University of Notre Dame Australia – each nominated a Designated System-based Investigator to facilitate the dissemination and uptake of PCHSS research.

The Observatory on Health System Sustainability conducts research on factors that affect the sustainability of health systems nationally and internationally. The Observatory team also coordinates engagement with investigators, stakeholders, and funders, and facilitates the wide dissemination and translation of all PCHSS research outcomes. The Observatory team is based at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at Macquarie University.

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