Vision and Purpose

Note: The NHMRC PCHSS was funded from June 2017 to July 2023.

The Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability brings together researchers, policy makers, providers, clinicians, and consumers from across the country to find strategies to ensure our health system delivers value-based care to Australians well into the future. We believe that an effective and efficient health system is the hallmark of a caring, well-functioning society.


To produce research that contributes to the development of a resilient healthcare system – one that is affordable, cost effective, and delivers improved health outcomes for all Australians.



Why is the Partnership Centre needed?

Worldwide, healthcare systems are being challenged by multiple threats to their capacity to deliver high-quality care. These include ageing populations, increasing rates of chronic and complex diseases, growing cost pressures from new medical technologies and medicines, wasteful spending on low-value care, inefficiencies arising from system fragmentation, limited use of data and evidence to support reform, and the growing threat of a changing climate. Our Centre aims to explore these and other challenges to health system sustainability and develop and evaluate a set of practical interventions that are appropriate from clinical, patient, and economic perspectives.

What does the Partnership Centre do?

We are committed to generating and disseminating ideas and evidence to improve the performance of the health system so that it delivers care efficiently and effectively over the long term. Our Centre seeks to maximise health system improvement in the real world by bringing together people who provide, plan, and need healthcare. The outcomes of this work will be practical in nature and relevant to governments at all levels.

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