Alternative Service Models to Achieve Lower Cost Delivery of Healthcare

16 October 2018

The cost of delivering healthcare in most high income countries is now considered unsustainable and without major reforms is expected to be unaffordable by the middle of the 21st century. The current challenge for heathcare funders and providers is how to deliver high-value, efficient and effective care while slowing (and in some cases reversing) the rate of increase in costs.  This requires an understanding of the value of current service models, and a determination of whether there are alternative models that might lead to improved efficiencies without compromising the quality of care.

This Webinar by Dr Rebecca Jessup and Dr Polina Putrik will provide an overview of the results of a recent scoping review that aimed to synthesise research conducted on alternative healthcare delivery arrangements relevant to high income countries.  Using a Delphi method, the results of the review have informed a survey of key national stakeholders to prioritise delivery arrangements that are likely to be of value in the Australian context.

Alternative Service Models To Action Lower Cost Delivery Of Healthcare (PDF).

Webinar, 16 October 2018.

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