Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023

To celebrate International Women’s Day (Wednesday, 8 March 2023), the Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI), in collaboration with members of the PCHSS team, held a fantastic panel event that explored the topic ‘The Future of Women: Finance and Family’.

Over 60 people from across AIHI and Macquarie University attended to both hear and contribute to discussions around navigating family, finance and the future. Panellists included Professor Farah Magrabi (AIHI; PCHSS Research Stream 1.2), Associate Professor Bonny Parkinson (AIHI; Macquarie University Centre for Health Economy), and Early Career Researcher Khalia Ackermann (AIHI). The event’s host was Dr Sam Spanos, an Early Career Researcher (AIHI).

It was a privilege to hear from such strong, accomplished, and knowledgeable women about their experiences navigating motherhood and family planning, gender pay gaps and flexible work arrangements, and the often unseen work that goes into maintaining a work-life balance and career progression.

There were productive and inspiring conversations between the audience and the panellists about the importance of equal participation in the workforce, the many ways in which women contribute to society, and opportunities for progress that are necessary for continued success in the workforce and the wider community.

As Professor Magrabi highlighted on the day, it takes a village to raise children and to also succeed in a professional career. It was clear from the event that this support is all around us. Within our research teams and outside of it, each of us are creating a village that allows us to grow, mentor, and be supported by the people in our lives. Together, we can crack the code and innovate for a gender-equal future. Happy International Women’s Day!


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