Creating a value-based, integrated health system in Australia

Thursday, June 3, 2021

1:00 PM – 5:30 PM (AEST)

On June 3 2021 PCHSS researchers and system partners took part in an online workshop on value-based care. The session involved unpacking the challenges to and opportunities for developing and implementing a health system that is based on providing value to patients, rather than focused on the volume of care provided. During the session, we examined how integrated care can contribute to a value-based system. The presenters drew on examples from some successfully implemented programs and discussed how to determine which health services should be scaled up (and which should be scaled down).

Watch the entire workshop here.


Towards Value-Based Care 

This session focussed on the workforce, economic, technological and policy aspects of shifting from a volume-based to a value-based health system.

Session chair – Associate Professor Annette Schmiede: What is value-based care? Click here to watch an introduction to the session. 

Speakers/ topics:

  • Professor Paul Glasziou AO: Reducing overdiagnosis and overtreatment – the roles of health professionals and consumers. Watch Professor Glasziou’s presentation here
  • Professor Tony Scott: Incentivising value – what payment models are needed? Watch Professor Scott’s presentation here
  • Professor Enrico Coiera: How replicable is digital health research?
  • Professor Johanna Westbrook: How digital dashboards can improve care quality. Watch Professor Westbrook’s presentation here
  • Mr George Leipnik (NSWHealth): A vision for value-based care.
  • Dr Audrey Koay (WA Department of Health): A systems approach to value-based care. Watch Dr Koay’s presentation here

50-minute discussion moderated by Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite. Click here to view the panel discussion. 

Integrated Care Models and Better-Value Care

This session centred around how alternative models of care (e.g., Hospital in the Home, Virtual Care) can contribute to creating more integrated care pathways. The session included how to identify models of care that should be adopted, and case studies of models that have demonstrated impact on care.

Session chair – Ms Leanne Wells: The consumers’ perspective on integrated care. Click here to watch an introduction to the session. 

Speakers/ topics:

  • Professor Rachelle Buchbinder AO: Hospital in the Home, what does the evidence say? Watch Professor Buchbinder’s presentation here
  • Professor Jon Karnon & Mr Andrew Partington: Evaluating care pathways to optimise patient journey and health system cost avoidance. Watch Professor Karnon and Mr Partington’s presentation here
  • Associate Professor Yvonne ZurynskiKidsGPS, a case study in integrated care. Watch Associate Professor Zurynski’s presentation here
  • Associate Professor Liam Caffery: Telehealth, creating care continuity when there are more ways to access care. Watch Associate Professor Caffery’s presentation here.

50-minute discussion moderated by Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite. Click here to watch the panel discussion. 

Final Thoughts and Summary of the Day 

Associate Professor Annette Schmiede, Ms Leanne Wells, and Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

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