PCHSS Year 5 Annual Report

“It took decades for the health system to get to where it is now. But it is under enormous post-pandemic pressures: from staff shortages, insufficient funding to do everything, and too much waste, inefficiencies, inequities and lack of coordination. To build sustainable, resilient health care and promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing across the population we need high-quality research to underpin the gains that we must make, for everyone’s sake. And that is precisely where this Centre has contributed, in this, the fifth year of its operations.”

– Prof Jeffrey Braithwaite


Welcome to the PCHSS’s Year 5 Annual Report (July 2021 – June 2022).

The PCHSS had a very productive year with over 215 publications, more than 370 events with stakeholders, and over $26 million in new leveraged funding. Our research was featured in over 300 media engagements.

Download the full report to read about all of the latest research and outcomes.

PCHSS Year 5 Annual ReportDownload

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